“Children, these experiences are for you as well. Remember, Jesus ‘did teach and minister unto the children … and [the children] did speak … great and marvelous things.'”

We’ve been on vacation with family in Kalispell, MT this past week. I will share in future posts inspiring conversations, funny quotes by the children, and even a dream. But today, in my post, I want to look back at the last time we were here in Kalispell with our Nielsen family.

Two years ago, at the last Nielsen family reunion, we took the children to Glacier National Park. The day after we returned, I was doing the laundry, and heard something jiggling in the boys’pockets. Can you guess what a 9 and a 10 year boy would have in their pocket, after traveling and hiking and biking and camping for a week?

Rocks. My boys love rocks. Candy wrappers. Loads of candy wrappers. Pokemon cards. Etc etc. These things are important to them!

Later, that same summer, in Primary, at church, one of the little boys was having a hard time keeping his hands (and his feet, and his elbows, and his knees) to himself. It got difficult enough for the other children that I called his mom and dad to see if there was anything we could do together to help this boy. The parents, wisely, asked the boy to help them come up with a solution. And the solution was this: Every Sunday this boy would carry a picture of Christ in his pocket. And when he was tempted to pinch a child or trip a child, or whatever, he would reach his little hand into his pocket and feel that picture of our Savior, and he would know how to better act. And this boy loved Jesus. And the pocket-idea worked. To this day, we have not had problems in Primary. That picture of Jesus was important to him!

What I carry in my pockets shows where I’ve have been, where I’m going, and what is important to me.

This is a lesson for my pocket-stuffing boys. This is a lesson for my teenage girl. This is a lesson for me.

What do I carry in my pockets? What do I carry in my purse?

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