After thinking about last week’s posts, these are the things I’ve been asking myself: Do I know myself? Do I know what I want, what I enjoy, what I am good at? Do I trust myself? Am I honest with myself – loyal to myself? It’s a process, right?

And it’s a good thing to think about these questions, regularly. And just look at that relationship with yourself.

I’m finding, at this stage in life, I haven’t done enough of this work over the past few years, and I’m not sure what I like or what I want anymore. I’m not discouraged, but I do want to try some new things and strengthen the relationship with myself again.

I set some Impossible Goals with Brooke Castillo a few months back. I want to look at this podcast again. I want to make sure that I am where I want to be. And if not, I want to make sure I have a plan.

A couple things. ONE, I don’t really know what I want right now. I cannot see very clearly what future-me is doing or is interested in. But what I do know is this: I want the kind of relationship with myself where I can set a goal and I can achieve that goal. TWO, while I am going through the process of figuring out what I want, I am also taking time to practice self-trust. I am practicing the skills that are required to set a goal – even an “impossible goal” – and accomplish that goal.

This morning, after some time in my prayer closet, in my mind I came back to this idea of “impossible goals”. When I leave my prayer closet, I am always more sure of who I am and who’s I am. And, setting goals coming from that place will be a different experience than coming from a place of personal scarcity, or a need to prove something – whether to myself or to anyone else.

Coming from a place of personal abundance – I am 100% lovable, just the way I am, I am 100% worthy, just the way I am – my goals feel exciting, inspiring, a gift to me and to others. Do you feel that? Do you feel the Spirit of abundance, of love, of pure desires?

I stared from that place. And I wrote out some of my impossible dreams – my impossible goals:

  • I want to publish something
  • I want to travel for one year with my husband and children
  • I want to build a house – well, I want to design it and hire someone to build it, anyway
  • I want to learn to speak a second language fluently

Those are some things that I know that I want. Next, I asked myself, Why? We need to make sure that we like the reason behind why we want to accomplish our goals, right? Again, am I coming from a place of abundance and love, or a place of scarcity and fear and insecurity?

  • I have something to say – I have something to contribute to the world. And I am just curious if this is possible for me.
  • I want to feel the feelings traveling creates within me – awe, gratitude, independence, humility, etc. And I would like to give my children the opportunity to feel these things, too.
  • I want to create.
  • I want to experience my brain working in this way.

And these things are a little bit scary to me, because I just haven’t done them before. I don’t know that I can succeed at these things, because I never have before.

“So many of us think small. We think in terms of what is possible. And when we think about what’s possible, we create futures based on our past. We create futures that are possible, and the way that we determine what is possible is by what we’ve already done.”

Again, back to ONE, who do I want to be? I am not 100% sure. But I do want to be someone who can set a goal – something new and uncomfortable and scary and exciting – and reach that goal.

So, my friends, I jumped in. I decided to start at the top of my list. I set the impossible goal to publish something. This is big for me! And a little bit overwhelming. And this is where TWO comes into play. I am gaining the skills I need to break the impossible goal down to possible steps.

 “Don’t confuse an impossible goal with impossible daily steps.”

Tomorrow we will review “do goals” and “next best actions”. Tomorrow let’s look at what I have done so far.

“Here’s the truth; if you just keep taking your next best action, the next thing that you know how to do, the next thing that you know how to figure out, all of those tiny little steps are what lead to the ultimate big step… Think big and then to act small… You have to ask yourself what is that first next step.”

Next DAY #266 DO GOALS (review)

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