DAY #266 DO GOALS (review)


“If I really think about it, there are very few things I would use a genie’s lamp for, even if it were an easy option. Really. I like the process that leads me to what I want, a lot of times, as much as I like what it is that I want. For example, I want to take my children to Africa. I would not want to rub a genie’s lamp and just land us in Africa, though. I love the process! I love the planning and the hoping and the dreaming. I even love saving my money for the anticipated vacation – the sacrifice makes the upcoming trip that much more exciting, right?”

Today, again, I am taking the time to review this podcast from several months back, to make sure I am moving forward in “the process”. I want to make sure that I am where I want to be in my Impossible Goal. And if not, I want to make sure I have a plan to get back on track.

Using this podcast on Do Goals, I made a plan those months back.

This is what the plan looked like using my priority: PUBLISHING AN ARTICLE.

‘Write it in a 90-day measurable outcome. What can I do in the next 90 days – what can I measure or check off in the next 90 days? Write down everything you need to do in the next 90 days to make sure that you accomplish that first 90-day goal.”

By 7 June, do I have three possible articles written, and research done on five possible venues :

  • Ideas, research, new angles
  • Write rough drafts of three articles
  • Have two different people or editing websites proof-read the articles
  • Write semi-final drafts of the articles
  • Research 15-20 different magazines or websites that print guest articles, and decide which five are more likely to fit me and my writing best

By 7 September, do I have five contacts contacted with questions about the publishing process, and have I begun submitting:

  • Reach out to 10 different people, inquiring after the process I’d go through to publish an article, and narrow my list down to five contacts I’d like to keep
  • Submit

By 7 December, has anything been published yet, and if not, start the process over again:

  • Ideas, research, new angles
  • Write rough drafts
  • Edit
  • Write final drafts
  • Reconsider which websites or magazines I am submitting to
  • Submit

5. With this detailed list now made, I need to put everything in order of execution – and I want to make each “do goal” as clear as possible and as specific as possible, so that by doing all of the “do goals” I know I will get the result I want. And then sit down, schedule all “do goals” on my calendar. This is a time-consuming project.

6. Finally, am I going to do everything that I scheduled on my calendar for me to do? Am I going to honor what’s on my calendar?


Today is 22 July. I’ve written the three rough drafts, and I chose which one I was going to pursue. I’ve sent it to three different individuals to edit and critique my article. I am on my sixth or seventh draft now. And I have chosen four different magazines/websites that I think would be interested in publishing my work – their audience is interested in human relations, which is what I am writing about.

I think I have probably ten more drafts to go before I send a “rough draft” to be looked a contact I have at one of the magazines.

“This is where I think it starts to get really interesting. Honoring what’s on my calendar, honoring those appointments that I have made with myself ahead of time. I know that if I do honor those commitments, if I do follow through on what I said I was going to do, that I will accomplish my goal…

“If we don’t have the results we want in our lives, is it because we’re not capable? Is it because we’re just too busy? Or is it because of our relationship with ourselves and our integrity that we have with ourselves? Are we not following through on those commitments that we have made to ourselves?”

I have a lot more work to do before I start submitting by 7 September. And I am building that relationship with myself, that I will do that steps that I calendared for me to do, to make this Impossible Goal a reality for me. I am grateful to myself for doing this work.

“The better my relationship gets with myself, the better I am at taking care of myself in the future.”

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