We are going to look at this today – this is familiar, this is review, just from a different podcast-er, right? But I want to spend my time really on the daily application in my SO WHAT SATURDAY tomorrow. Do I want my impossible dreams? Does it feel too far away – too hard? Does it literally feel impossible?

“It is not possible to have something different unless I become someone different… I have to become someone different to create those desires.”

So, really, the question is who do I want to become – not just a wish list of what I want, but of who I need to become to get what I want. And how do I go about doing that? How do I become my future self?

First, I think, we need to access our future selves.

“Your future self has the answers you need in the moment to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. She know how you got there. She knows the process and the steps it took to become her.”

Create her in my mind first. Like a recipe. Like a blueprint, right? Before I do the work, I need to create in my mind and probably on paper who it is that I want to become. And, do you know what – this is up to me. This is another way agency is entirely ours. We create who we want to be! We do that! And, as we mature toward that future self, as we move toward her and love her and use her, and allow her to morph as she matures, I believe the Lord respects our desires but also plants in us desires. The Lord works from the inside out, right?

So, again we create our future selves our my minds and on paper, first.

I married a man who budgets. I tease that he “plays” Quicken the way other men play video games. He has created (and recreated over and over again) the financial life that he wants for himself and for our family on a spreadsheet, years before he’s had the funds to actually live that life.

But because he has this vision – both in his mind and on a spreadsheet – because he has this relationship with his future financial self, he knows what he needs to do to become that future self. The answers lie in the spreadsheet. “Numbers don’t lie”, right? Ha ha ha. The second step, once you have created in your mind who your future self is, is to then do those things that your future self knows you need to do.

“If you want to be your future self, all you need to do is live the way your future self lives. And do it every day. In time you will become your future self.”

Who is he/she? How did he/she get there? What does he/she do every day?

Really. Let me get this down on “paper” tomorrow.

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