I don’t know that this screenshot sums up all our goals for our future-selves. But it is a fun thing to consider.

What do I want? That’s what we have been asking ourselves this week. And it’s really appropriate to struggle with this, and to spend the time really looking at this.

When we can change our thoughts surrounding 1) possibility and 2) that we are worthy of reaching for more, then we can approach this process of change and of re-evaluating and of re-deciding and building the next chapter of our life from a place of excitement, anticipation, patience, and love. And also from a place of gratitude for what we have already experienced in our lives and the people that made that possible, as well as gratitude for endless possibilities before us, and those who have stuck with us and walked with us and dreamed with us and want to continue living – really living – a life with us.

Let’s look at these three things for FRIDAY FITNESS AND HEALTH:

  • A hobby that will make me money
  • A hobby that will keep me in shape
  • A hobby that will cause me to create

And I really like the use of the word “hobby” instead of “job”, right? Looking at my list of 20 things I want from DAY #283, let me just throw some things out here:

  • A hobby that will make me money
    • Publishing articles
    • Teaching
  • A hobby that will keep me in shape
    • Sailing
    • Traveling
  • A hobby that will cause me to create
    • Designing my own home
    • Becoming a good cook

Just throwing this out there. We will talk more tomorrow on SO WHAT SATURDAY about what I can do to apply what I have been learning this week, and to consider my dreams, and to question my dreams and my desires, and to start creating this life, intentionally.


Remember, like a mall map, let’s look at where I am at right now – my health. And where I want to be going. We have been in quarantine the past two weeks. That changes a lot about my schedule, including my exercise schedule and my eating schedule, and even my sleep schedule. And that is just where I am at right now. It doesn’t serve me well to resist it or to be discouraged if it’s not right now what I want it to be. But it does serve me well to look at where I am at, and how it is affecting me. It’s data, right?

  • WEIGHT has changed very little. Maybe I’m up a pound or two. Everything is fitting the same.
  • SKIN is having a harder time, though. I have a few more blemishes than usual.
  • ABILITY TO SLEEP hasn’t really been affected.
  • MOOD has probably been the biggest challenge. With me eating more sugar, thanks to kind neighbors having sympathy on us in quarantine, and less opportunities to get outside and to exercise, I’ve noticed I’ve been more moody these past two weeks.

That is where I am at. And I see where I want to be, on this map. And, do you know what, I can even see how to get there.

Next DAY #287 SO WHAT

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