Let me start by telling you what habits I am “in” right now. I am in the habit of waking up at 6am. I am in the habit of morning exercise, Monday thru Friday. I am in the habit of brushing and flossing my teeth. I am in the habit of daily scripture study. I am in the habit of singing to the children every night. I am in the habit of using my meditation app to help me get to sleep at night. I am in the habit of taking my vitamins. I have a daily face regime. I eat eggs for breakfast, every morning. I blog daily. I journal daily. I email my sister in law, every day. It is a habit.

And there are more.

But my point is this: I chose these habits intentionally. I decided what results I wanted in my life, then I chose what thoughts to think, what feelings to feel, and what actions to do to make those results a reality. I was intentional in every one of those habits. And they are serving me well now, and they are serving future-me well, too. I did that on purpose.

“The quality of our habits determines the quality of our results.”

Today Brenda proposes a habit that may become the most important habit we will introduce into our daily lives. Now, she is a weight-loss coach, so she uses this habit to help her clients lose weight. But, as with a lot of her podcasts, I find the principles she teaches work for all areas of my life, not just health and weight loss. Just keep that in mind as we look at her work today – apply it in any area where you want to turn things around for yourself. Let’s look at this:

“It’s not about the food. I promise you that. (Or the job or the relationship etc). It’s about the process of continuously uncovering the limiting and outdated beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the habits that aren’t serving you.”

I did some thoughwork around this, this morning. What limiting and outdated beliefs do I still hold, that are not serving me?

  • I have to prove my worth
  • I don’t have enough time
  • It’s my responsibility/it isn’t my responsibility
  • That person is bad/good – black/white thinking
  • I am all alone in this
  • I am stuck in this
  • I cannot handle this
  • It’s too late

I’ve uncovered them – or rather, I’ve started uncovering these limiting beliefs. Now what? Brenda calls it “Brain Self Care”.

“Our brain is our main operating system. It’s where all decisions come from. If your main operating system is operating from beliefs that are keeping you limited and stuck, unless you do the work to change those beliefs, you will not create the results and the success that you’re wanting…

Think on purpose. Believe on purpose. Make decisions on purpose. Then create your life and your results on purpose… EVERY DAY.”

For Brenda, that looks like a cup of tea in the morning, and 30 minutes of thoughtwork around her beliefs and her thoughts and her feelings.

“This is the single habit that has transformed my life – thinking on purpose.”

For me, what does this look like? And this is something that I can decide today, and play out today, and put on my calendar to remind me to do every day, today. And then, I need to give myself the flexibility to change it a little, here and there, until it becomes that habit that transforms my own life, right?

I am going to start here, though. I really need to do this work before I start my day, as a mom and a wife and a neighbor and and and. Right? I need to start with this thoughtwork, each morning. I am going to start here:

6:00am – Wake up

6:15am – Go walking/hiking with Allyson

6:45am – Cook breakfast

7:00am – Family breakfast/scripture study

I am looking at this. I am not seeing a time slot that I can do my “brain self-care” before the children are awake for the day. Tomorrow, let’s look at this again in SATURDAY SO WHAT.

“Create the time, make the space to do this… Saying I don’t have the time is always a lie and will always keep you stuck.”

Next DAY #294 SO WHAT

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