Today’s SO WHAT SATURDAY is coming to you one day late. Yesterday was the only day in 308 days that I’ve skipped posting a blog post.

I am not going to make an excuse, but I do want to explore this today. Jody Moore asked us in a podcast I listened to maybe a year ago, “Can you be okay with B+ work?” I think about that a lot. The fact is, I think I usually do only B+ work in my blogging, in my exercise, in my family relationships, etc. And I guess it depends on who is grading me. But I think my average would be a B+. The question is, Am I okay with that?

I think I spend too much time not okay with my efforts, and feeling discouraged by my results.

And I can change those results by changing my thoughts and feelings, right? This is the model. We know this.

I can also keep those same results – those B+ results – and learn to love myself and smile at myself and really enjoy who I am at that B+ level.

I blog daily. I haven’t missed a day in 308 days until yesterday. That would take me from 100% to 99.6%. And that has nothing to do with the content, just the days blogged. But that is not bad! That is far above a B+. Am I okay that I missed that one day? Am I okay with a 99.6% instead of 100%?

I think I am okay with that, my friends. And I can be honest about it – to you and to myself. And I can be okay with it.

If I were to grade motherhood, based on the number of nights per week I sing to my children before they fall asleep, I would probably get a 71% on motherhood. Is that okay?

If I were to grade my driving with how many times a year I get pulled over by the police, I’d be sitting on a 98%. Is that okay? Does my husband think that’s okay? Does my insurance company think that’s okay?

If I were to grade how in-shape I am by my BMI compared to a healthy BMI for my size/age, I would be at 100%. I have a healthy BMI.

But that number, that percentage doesn’t help me feel pretty when I look in the mirror in my evening gown.

And getting only a 71% doesn’t make me feel like a bad mom when my babies are on my lap, saying, “I don’t want to ever lose you, mommy. I love you.”

And even someone who never gets pulled over by the cops could be seriously injured in a car accident.

So. Back to Jody Moore’s question. Can I be okay only doing B+ work? Sometimes I can be okay with that. Sometimes I am thrilled with that, in fact.

In some areas I have some more work to do, though.

And I can do that work. And I can approach that work from a place of love and a place of trust, and respect. And I can approach that work from a place of peace, and a place of humility.


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