DAY #311 FEAR (again)


We are looking at fear this week, and working with fear and having compassion on our fear, instead of resisting and feeling fear about our fear.

“When we can stop being afraid of being afraid, we automatically relieve some of the fear.”

With a lot of fear in the world right now surrounding Covid and the upcoming election and the rioting, etc. With all that fear and unrest, Brooke asked us a few months ago, “Where will you be in 90 days?” What will you have created toward the life that you want?

I really took that question to heart. And let me tell you today what I have done with those 90 days:

  • I went sailing. I want to learn to sail, but going sailing (twice now) was a good first step.
  • I submitted my article to two different publications to be considered as a contribution. This was big. This was one of my impossible goals. Check.
  • I created a photo wall. Check this out, if you haven’t already:
  • I started a different morning routine that has served me better than what I was doing before. I saw my needs, I did some research on how to meet those needs within me, and I set at it. And it has been a game changer, my friends.
  • I hired a house cleaner, to help me with the deep cleaning once a month.
  • I set up and then have carried out a homeschool curriculum for my at-home learners this semester. This is big because I wouldn’t have had the patience to do this before – I didn’t think I had it in me. But, when Covid hit, I decided to try something new – a new approach to some long-time concerns about a couple of my children in public schools.
  • I said YES to a girls’ trip to St Thomas’.

What else? What is my next impossible goal? What else can I do with this energy that my mind is producing?

What do I fear? I want to use this five-step model in my brain self-care in the mornings, as I see myself manifesting fear.

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  1. Bryant
    September 12, 2020

    Love the photo wall. Full of great memories and fun times. Great addition to our home. Ily

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