DAY #315 3 NEPHI 1-7

DON’T MISS THIS – 31 August 2020

“Behold, I come unto my own.”

3 Nephi 1:14

This week as a family, we have been studying the righteous people in the scriptures, preparing for Christ’s birth.

I think, especially while studying stories outside of our own, it’s easy to label groups of people or individual characters as “righteous” and “unrighteous”. And maybe that’s because we see their whole time-line – we see what choices they make and where it leads them, in just a matter of verses.

But it’s not only possible, it is likely, that all the characters in the scriptures are both righteous and unrighteous – they have both in them. And, though some choose to act primarily on their righteous inclinations and some choose to act primarily on their unrighteous inclinations, all of them – all of us – have both.

AND … all of us are still His.

I’ve had a rough couple days, and when I read that scripture, “Behold, I come unto my own”, I felt this pang in my chest. What if, this week, He wouldn’t claim me as His own?

That thought is enough to cause such discouragement! But, is His arm not “stretched out still” (2 Nephi 15:25) to me, too?

“The more I understand this wonderful plan of redemption, the more I realize that in the final judgment it will not be the unrepentant sinner begging Jesus, ‘Let me stay.’ No… Knowing Christ’s character, I believe that if anyone is going to be begging on that occasion, it would probably be Jesus begging the unrepentant sinner, ‘Please, choose to stay. Please, use my Atonement.'”

Brad Wilcox

He comes to His own – to the Abels as well as to the Cains, to the Marys as well as to the Delilahs, to the Davids as well as to the Sauls.

We are all His own. That is not the question. The question is, will we have Him?

In these first seven chapters in 3 Nephi, though the Lord was coming to both the people choosing to follow Him, as well as those choosing not to follow Him, one was obviously more welcoming of the coming Savior than the other.

And those following and waiting for the Savior in these chapters, give us a pattern to follow us we, in all our inadequacies, choose to follow Him, ourselves:

  • They built fortification to prepare for attacks and challenges that will come in the future (3:14)
  • They were firm and steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments (6:14)
  • They were repentant and humble (4:33)
  • They forsook all their sins (5:3)
  • They preached the word of God and forgave (5:4)
  • They cried to the Lord for strength rather than depending along on their own strength (3:12)
  • They sang together and praised God together, giving credit to Him for preserving them (4:31)
  • They kept order in the land by following the laws of the land (6:4)
  • They testified boldly of Christ (6:20)
  • They gathered together (3:24)
  • They made covenants by the Priesthood and received ordinances by the Priesthood (7:25)

These are just a few that I came up with this morning. In all the wars and contentions, look for those who still loved, those who still served, those who remained selfless, those who were inspired, those who turned to God for their strength, those who stood strong and humble, diligent and prayerful, waiting for and hoping for their Savior. I want to be one of those.

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