It’s SO WHAT SATURDAY. I spent a lot of this week thinking about and working on some models surrounding motherhood. And it has really been an incredible experience. As I’ve cleaned up my own thoughts, I’ve had chances to apply what I’d learned about motherhood and how I want to show up as a mother, almost immediately.

And I had such a sweet experience with my oldest son, Liam, this week. I cried that night in gratitude that I was better prepared for the experience by cleaning up some of my thoughts around mothering teenage boys.

When he was in first grade, I was asked to write a letter to Liam to be presented to him when he was awarded the Student of the Month. I want to share today what I wrote in that letter:

Liam. When you were born, my heart swelled as wide as eternity! It was as if I had loved you for as long as I could remember. And I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with you! Dad and your 3 year old sister, Ella. One day I could hear Ella trying to talk to you. You were a baby. You couldn’t understand her, but this is what she said: We need you in our family, Baby Liam. You belong with us.

Liam, you couldn’t understand her that day, but I pray you understand us today. We love you so dearly. We need you in our family. You will always belong with us!

Why do we need you in our family???

#1 You are a strong and brave cowboy. Did you know that? And you have always used your bravery and strength to protect and help others. When a little girl was being picked on at the playground, you put yourself between her and the bully. When some wild boys were chasing your brother, Jono, you protected him. You hugged him close until the boys ran away. When I was pregnant and fell down in the kitchen, you were the one who ran to me, to pick me up. What a BRAVE and STRONG boy you are!

#2 You are always up for an adventure. You’ve traveled from Rome to Paris, from Amsterdam to Africa, from Ireland to Istanbul, from Luxembourg to Lisbon. Seventeen countries in your six years of life. And still wake up asking: Can we go on an adventure today?

#3 You are the best sharer in our family. You even share your Halloween candy with me. We learn from your example, every day.

#4 Liam, we need you in our family because you help us to smile! Every day you make us smile, and your laugh is just so contagious. We love you!

Mom and Dad, Grampa and Gramma, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Matthew, Aunt Mimi, Aunt Christine, all the aunts and all the uncles, and cousins, and and and … God sent you to our family, and we are so grateful!

Love, Mom

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  1. Bryant
    September 25, 2020

    I think Liam is a great boy too. And I’m glad we’ve traveled so much as a family. More travel to come.
    : )

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