ALL IN – Episode 95

Ten years ago S Michael Wilcox lost his wife to cancer. In this interview I’m sharing with you today, Brother Wilcox talks about his wife and his relationship with her, after her death. I want to spend an entire post tomorrow on MONDAY MARRIAGE MATTERS talking about some of the things we can learn from Brother Wilcox about eternal marriages.

But today on SUNDAY SABBATH STUDIES, I want to look at another beautiful principle discussed in his interview.

Who of us is waiting for something? Maybe it’s marriage or for a marriage to improve. A child to be born to the family. Or a wayward child to return to the family. Waiting for a promotion at work. Waiting for schools to let out for the summer. Waiting for schools to let back in, in Fall. Waiting for the kids to toilet-train, waiting for the baby to finally sleep through the night.

Right now I feel like we are waiting for temples to open up again. It has been almost a year now.

I know that I’m waiting for something else, too. I am waiting for, and working toward, a change of heart. I haven’t been able to guilt myself into changing. I have not even been able to pray myself a new, softer heart. I am still waiting.

“We learn that no matter what it is we’re waiting for, we learn while we’re waiting…

Eve says, ‘It is better for us to pass through sorrow’… We’re going to pass through it – whether grief or trails or whatever thing we’re waiting for, we’ll pass through it. We’ll get through it. This is going to be over for me. Mary at the empty tomb – the epitome of grief! And with one brief word – Jesus calls her name, ‘Mary’ – and all the grief in gone! Burst of joy!

And that will happen to all of us, whatever we’re waiting for… Waiting will be over. Happiness is my destiny. But until that comes, learn!”

What can I learn while I wait for the miracle of a changed heart? I am committed to learning while I wait. This ONE YEAR has been an incredible journey for me. I am almost to the end of the year. And I look at myself, and I am not yet where I would like to be. But I have learned so much, my friends! I have learned so much – what could I have done over the past year to learn any more than I’ve learned or to change any more than I’ve changed. I felt guided that day on the floor of my closet, sure that I was broken beyond repair. And I feel guided today, and I feel hope.

“Every good thing in life is on the straight and narrow path. Every thing you want is on that path. Just stay on the path.”

God’s plan is a plan of happiness! And someday He will say, “Rachel, why weepest thou?’ And I’ll say, “Lord, it’s because I want a perfect heart, and I am working, Father, and I am learning, Father, and I cannot, on my own, get myself there.” And He will call my name, and I’ll turn, just like Mary, and it will be over. Waiting will be over. Pain will be over.

“We came to earth for these hours. We came to learn. We came for experience.”

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