I listened to this podcast two times today. The principle is a review: You create your own future. But in slightly different words. I am copying most of Brooke’s exact words in the blogpost today, for a good read when you are uncertain about your future, or when you start to feel like life is just “happening” to you. Enjoy today’s podcast, from The Life Coach School archinves:

I love the idea of thinking about our future! Our future only exists in our brain, therefore we can have any future that we want. I said to my husband the other day, “This has been the best year of my life.” But do you know what is always going to be the best year? Next year. Always. Every year, next year’s going to be the best year. It’s always going to be great this year and then next year’s going to be even better. Always, because I’m always going to be evolving and learning more… This year’s ridiculously awesome.

How can I say that next year is going to be better than this year? Because it only exists in my mind, and in my mind, it exists better. And that is my privilege as a human with a prefrontal cortex to be able to always imagine a future better than my past.

The future is my property. I can do whatever I want with it. Isn’t that awesome?

Millions of people in the world … dread their future. But the truth is they’re creating that future in their brain and the dread that they’re feeling is only because their imagination has created a future for them that they don’t like. And if your future only exists in your brain, why would you do that?

…The way that we make decisions is we create alternative futures. Here’s how I want you to consider considering alternative futures. I want you to imagine both futures that you’re imagining in your mind – I stay in my job or I quit and become a life coach, for example. The first step is you have to imagine alternative futures that are both amazing. There’s no reason to imagine a negative future. imagine the best case in both.

So best case future if you stay in your job is that you get promoted as many times as you want and get that pay that you want. That’s option number one. And then option number two is you quit your job, become a life coach, and you have to imagine yourself being the most successful life coach you could possibly be.

When you imagine both those alternative futures as amazing, then which one do you pick?

…I am making a decision based on these two alternative futures that I’ve created in my own mind, based on my own belief systems and based on my imagination.

…One of the tragedies in my opinion of what happens in our school system is we train our children to not be creative, to not question authority, to not imagine the possibilities, to never daydream. What we train our children to do is to feed us back what we told them and to follow the steps that we tell them to do.

Well, when you’re imagining a future, there are no steps to consider. There is no structure to that. You can imagine whatever it is you want. You can daydream whatever it is you want.

…When I ask people about their future, most people haven’t even considered it because they haven’t gone into their imagination, they haven’t gone into their creativity. What they’ll say to me is, “Well, I’m not sure what will happen to me.”

They’re imagining their future “happening” to them instead of imagining their future as a possibility, as something we create.

There’s no limit on your future. And no one can tell you that you’re doing it wrong, and no one can tell you that it’s unrealistic because it’s in your mind.

...So if you think about your future with unlimited possibility, with unlimited creativity and with unlimited imagination, what comes up for you? One of my best girl friends came and spent some time with me and she brought her boyfriend with her. I asked him, “What is it that you want to do in your future?” And he told me what he wanted to do with his business.

And I said, “Now, imagine that anything’s possible.” And he went, “Oh, if anything were possible,” and then he gave me a completely alternative future. And I looked at him and said, “You know that anything is possible, right?” And he went, “Oh yeah, whatever, you life coaches.”

But the truth is there are no restrictions to how you imagine your future, and how you imagine your future is what you will create for yourself… What if you imagined a future way bigger than your past? What is the downside? Your own disappointment? Well you’re just disappointing yourself ahead of time. Why not at least give yourself a chance to imagine it?

My sons plays poker. And sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, but if they’re never willing to bet on themselves, they’re never going to win. If they’re always folding, then they can’t lose, but they can never win. It’s like losing ahead of time if you constantly fold.

And I feel like so many of us are doing that in our life. We’re just folding so we don’t have to have someone else take our chips, so to speak. And I want you to ask yourself if that’s what you’re doing in your life.

And yes, you may lose some chips but the opportunities are still endless, and you can always just buy back in. That’s what I think is so fun. I hear them, “Oh, I’m just going to buy back in.” Why don’t we do that in our lives? Why don’t we buy back in?

Where we get into trouble is we make a decision because we think that an alternative future will make us happier. But we’re the only ones that make ourselves happy, so we have to create the future and know that we’re the ones that create that solution for ourselves ahead of time. And then we can go about creating it. And if we have our own backs and we don’t ever beat ourselves up over decisions, if we stopped judging things as right or wrong, and we start always saying, “Of course this is the journey I’m supposed to be on. How do I know that? Because this is a journey I chose and this is the journey I’m on and I’m going to make it the best journey I possibly can,” then you will end up with the future that you want.

What if you believed that for yourself? So I want you to think right now about your future 10 years from now. And I want you to imagine two alternative futures. Do not look at the trajectory of your default life. Do not make that an option. Make it better.

Enjoy those alternative futures for just a minute before you decide. And then decide on one, and know that the other one would have been great but this one’s going to be the best. How do you know? Because you chose it and you decided that on purpose.

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