“What if you didn’t resist was IS?”

In yesterday’s post, we started off by considering how much time and energy we use resisting pain or avoiding pain.

What about the time and energy we use to resist what IS?

When I go scuba diving, I think about all the water, all around me. Every inch of me is covered by this thing that would kill me – the water. I don’t like scuba diving very much. But I keep going because I like the brain-exercise it is for me – I get to practice being comfortable being uncomfortable. When I am down, 40 feet below, and I start thinking about what IS – the water all around me – and I start resisting it and letting my monkey brain run wild, my heart rate rises, my teeth clench, my mask starts filling up with water, and what IS literally threatens my very life. But when I don’t resist the water, when I accept it and accept the fact that I am living in it for the next 45 minutes, my heart rate goes down, my teeth unclench, and my mask keeps its seal. And I cannot only survive what IS, but I can actually enjoy what IS.

“I am always open to loving whatever IS.”

The fall weather. My plugged ears (from the scuba trip). My hiccups. My children’s idiosyncrasies. My parents’ divorce.

I think to get to the place where I can love whatever IS, I first need to step out of judgement. The fall weather is not good or bad, it just IS. My parents’ divorce is not right or wrong, it just IS.

“(Byron Katie) stays in non-judgment. She doesn’t make things good or bad or right or wrong. She doesn’t judge anything in a way that would make her feel bad… And the more I’m like her, the happier I am. The less I judge, the better I feel. The less I qualify things as right or wrong, the more magic I have. The more I make other people wrong, the more anger and resentment I feel…

That’s who I want to be. I want to be in a state of mind where I never have to forgive anybody. Wouldn’t that just be cool? Nobody ever does anything to me that needs my forgiveness. Nobody is powerful enough in my life to anger me or cause me to feel resentment.”

DAY #132

No one can hurt me. No thing can hurt me.

Brooke chose this and other teachings from Byron Katie, that really really resonated with her, for the podcast today.

Here is another teaching from Byron Katie:

“We only do three things in life. We stand, we sit and we lie horizontal… If we can bring everything back to just the bare facts, then we realize that most everything else is just a story that we’re telling ourselves. It’s just some thinking that we’re having about what it means to be in certain situations, but at any point in our life, we can just remind ourselves that we’re either standing, we’re sitting or we’re lying horizontal.”

FACT: I am standing.

STORY: I am standing in line at the high school, waiting for the librarian to open the library doors so I can get Ella’s chromebook and get back home again.

FACT: I am lying horizontal.

STORY: I am lying in bed and I can’t sleep and if I don’t sleep, I will be a very tired grumpy mom tomorrow.

I want to play around with this idea more. I want to add it to my morning thoughtwork, right along with my SFD Journal.

Brooke has more from Byron Katie to share with us. I want to look at these other teachings tomorrow because I want to take some personal time today to really do some thoughtwork around the things I am going to share tomorrow. But, here is a preview:

“Could it be that all along, I have lived the life I should have lived and that everything I’ve done has been what I should have done?”

Stay tuned!

Next DAY #356 BYRON KATIE (again)

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